Media Coverage:

On 24 July 2022, the Emirati press highlighted the results of an assessment published by InterRegional for Strategic Analysis on 5 July 2022, entitled "Future Investment: What Are the Implications of the UAE’s Growing Interest in Metaverse Technology?" The assessment came in the context of highlighting the UAE’s prominent global position in adopting modern technologies and future concepts and its role in developing cutting-edge business at the regional and international levels. The Al-Bayan, Al-Watan, Al Roeya, and Al Khaleej newspapers reported the results and indications of InterRegional’s assessment and quoted excerpts from it as the most important recent study analyzing the dimensions of metaverse technology and its strategic importance in future global economies.

With regard to the assessment, Al Khaleej, quoting from InterRegional, focused on several indicators that represent the UAE’s level of interest in metaverse technology, including "an integrated package of policies, legislation, programs, and initiatives aimed at foreseeing the future of these technologies in a manner that keeps pace with changes, supports the country’s capabilities, and promotes its economic presence as a leading worldwide destination for global technological developments."

Meanwhile, Al-Bayan focused on reviewing the key indicators noted in InterRegional’s assessment. These indicators emphasize the country’s leadership and foresight and include Emirati economic support, the creation of investment opportunities, the formation of an integrated vision for presence in the virtual space, the dedication of Emirati leadership to make the UAE a global capital for virtual assets, the use of promising opportunities in the metaverse field, and the doubling of the current market value of digital real estate.

For its part, Al-Roeya focused on InterRegional’s assessment that the opening of the global Meta company’s regional headquarters in the UAE confirms the importance and diversity of the efforts made by the country to create an attractive and competitive business environment that supports innovation and attracts the best talents and capabilities. Finally, Al-Watan, quoting from InterRegional’s assessment, stated that "the coming period is expected to witness an expansion in the number of initiatives and programs aimed at exploring promising economic opportunities in the digital space, by taking advantage of the country’s technical assets, based on high-readiness digital infrastructure."


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