A Harvest of Knowledge:

Several newspapers and news sites highlighted the outcome of InterRegional for Strategic Analysis’s distinguished participation in the Sharjah International Book Fair 2023, which saw a remarkable turnout of visitors of all types. InterRegional concluded several memoranda of understanding with a number of institutions concerned with its various activities and fields of work as a general consulting firm headquartered in Abu Dhabi, esteemed for its more than 50 publications, including 28 new publications in various fields and interests.

Al-Bayan newspaper focused on the great success of the second issue of the periodical, State of the World, at InterRegional’s booth, noting that it is a quarterly periodical focusing on observation and analysis of the strategic trends and emerging phenomena in global regions in various fields. Experts and academics from the Middle East and the world contribute to the periodical.

Also according to Al-Bayan, the new issue of the periodical, InterRegional Studies, entitled "Global South: The Global South’s Rising Influence in International Interactions," attracted keen interest from fair visitors. The issue discussed the dimensions of the South’s growing influence on the international scene.

The newspaper, Emarat Al Youm, praised the Sharjah International Book Fair audience’s interest in the first issue of InterRegional’s new specialized periodical, InterRegional Indicators, entitled "Environmental Achievement Index," which tracks the effectiveness of the UAE’s environmental efforts on climate and the environment.

According to Emarat Al Youm, InterRegional’s latest books—including Continent of the Future: How to Understand the State of Africa, American Decline: Domestic Crises and the Global Position of the US, and Environmental Collapse: International Relations Shifts to Climate Change­—commanded special interest from visitors to the firm’s booth at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2023.

The newspaper, Al Khaleej, highlighted the interest of visitors to InterRegional’s booth at the Sharjah International Book Fair 2023, in the book, Colors Economics: Features of the Rise of Colors Economies in International Relations. The book, which addresses the dimensions of the growing global concept of colors economies, amid the efforts of governments and international institutions to attain a more sustainable future and achieve sustainable growth, is the latest publication of the Light House series, which deals with theoretical concepts, emerging trends, and their effect on international and regional interactions.

In addition, Al-Watan newspaper focused on the Sharjah International Book Fair’s turnout for InterRegional for Strategic Analysis’s 22 new publications for the New World series, whose topics address the most significant geopolitical shifts affecting the future of the world’s regions in the areas of security, military, politics, economy, society, and technology.

The websites, Zawya, and UAE Misbar, noted that visitors to the Sharjah International Book Fair were particularly interested in the latest publications in the New World series, especially the special issue, "Intelligence Failure: Features of the Israeli Intelligence Failure to Combat Operation Al-Aqsa Flood); the issue "Investment Competition: Map of American and Chinese Investments Around the World;" and "The Chinese Century: Challenges of the Chinese Century in the International Order;" as well as "Security Concepts: Reformulation of National Security Strategies Among the World’s Countries" and "Arms Race: Global Armament Trends Post-Ukrainian War."