Analysis Now:

International for Strategic Analysis is launching a new website in both Arabic and English. This will be an interactive platform to monitor, analyze, and evaluate news as it develops, and to anticipate emerging trends in the Middle East and the world, under the auspices of a pioneering and highly-attractive consulting firm. The website will target a broad audience of followers and readers.

The organization’s website aims to engage in public dialogue about emerging trends that may influence future dynamics in the Middle East in general, and in the Arab world in particular. The website focuses on monitoring news as it happens and developments in their preliminary stages, and situates them within the landscape of high-priority issues for Arab readers. The company will offer activities, publications, and core services to the general public and to subscribers.

The website aims to be globally competitive, which is why it focuses on the interconnectedness between the region and the world, and the effects of global trends and transformations on the Middle East. It also examines emerging trends in the region. The website is notable for its quick coverage of emerging trends, which gives it a comparative advantage over competitors. It beats its competitors at providing reliable analysis when an incident first occurs, as well as in the early stages of an emerging phenomenon.

Enriching the Browsing Experience

The new platform focuses on quick coverage, real-timeengagement with ongoing developments, and visual appeal, as well as the quality and originality of the analyses, evaluations, and activities offered to readers. The website will also focus on offering advanced academic research services, quick navigation, creating print versionsof topics and rendering them in the reader’s preferred font, compatibility between different devices and screens, and quick access to all of the new publications and activities offered by InterRegional for Strategic Analysis.

The InterRegional website will model its work after that of consulting firms specialized in security, risk management, and early warnings, and is similar to global platforms such as Stratfor, IHS Markit, and the Economist Intelligence Unit. It aims to build a distinguished research and academic brand grounded in the Arab region, which engages with public discourse around the region and world about controversial issues, through offering content followed by analyses and assessments of events as they develop in the region and the world, in addition to making predictions regarding possible scenarios.

"The Reader Comes First" Policy

The website includes several sections that focus on addressing readers’ concerns in the Arab region and the world, including "Daily Analyses," which covers political developments, defense and security issues, economics and technology, media studies, and future studies.The "Tomorrow Assessments" section focuses on regional and international trends that may affect the security and interests of Arab countries and the Middle Eastern region, while the "Subsequent Risks" section focuses on a map of regional threats. The site also provides the most recent issues of the center’s publications and of its magazine, The State of the World.

The website hopes to become a dynamic space for regional interaction through the "Experts’ Corner," which will include contributions from leading academics and practitioners from countries across the world, and will cover panel discussions and workshops that are held at the center. It will also provide services for readers and researchers through the "Monitor" section, which will cover the most recent books, reports, and studies released by publishing houses, academic institutions, think tanks, and global consulting firms. Likewise, the "Files" section will offer research services that gather together issues of interest to readers, through bringing together different topics that have been published on various parts of the website.

"From Washington to the World"

The website will have a separate gateway for US issues under the heading "Eye on Washington," which will be the main platform for covering developments within the US as well as US foreign policy. It will focus on monitoring, analyzing, and assessing the details of what is happening with all US institutions and operations by relying on a working group in the center and another in the field, and through drawing upon specialized databases and intensive communications involving visits to and participation in conferences and hearings. Both English and Arabic versions of the website will offer a section called "A Look Inside the US," which will target an audience that includes analysts, experts, and public-opinion makers within the US.

The website offers interactive services that pioneer new forms of multimedia, using highly-engaging analytical content such as infographics and analytical videos that deal with political, security, economic, and technology issues. It also offers an expansive window into news about InterRegional for Strategic Analysis, and monitors what media are saying in the region and the world in their coverage of the organization’s publications and activities. Finally, the website integrates the center’s accounts across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.