Anticipating Risks:

As part of its report entitled, "The UAE is among the safest countries when it comes to natural disasters," published on 27 July 2022, the Emirati newspaper Al Khaleej relied on an analysis published by InterRegional for Strategic Analysis on 3 July 2022, entitled, "Averting Disaster: How Does the UAE Manage the Risk of Surprise Earthquakes?"

The newspaper quoted InterRegional’s report, which highlighted that "the UAE considers it very important to take a resilient approach to dealing with potential natural disasters, including earthquakes," and "in addition to managing risk domestically, the UAE provides many forms of aid in the regional and international spheres."

The newspaper also discussed the conclusions of InterRegional’s assessment, to the effect that the UAE has built a national emergency and crisis system through which it occupies a regional and global position within the United Nations’ Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

Quoting from InterRegional’s assessment, the newspaper concluded that the UAE is currently pursuing a media strategy based on providing explanations of any important developments regarding natural hazards at the moment they occur, in parallel with making ready all relevant institutions, with a commitment to transmit recognized international expertise and experience in this framework.


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