Global Leadership:

Several newspapers and news sites highlighted an article InterRegional for Strategic Analysis published, entitled "A Quick Recovery: Why is the UAE Trying to Develop its Health Sector?" The context is media interest in the state’s leadership in various fields, perhaps most recently the World Health Organization Assembly’s adoption, for the first time, of a draft resolution submitted by the UAE to promote quality of health and life. This reflects, in part, the developments seen in the state’s health sector in recent years.

The Al Roeya website referred to the solidification of the UAE’s status as a destination for health tourism and a center for the most renowned hospitals and medical centers in the region and among the most prominent in the world, supported by a long-term vision and huge investments in the health sector.

Meanwhile, Al-Bayan newspaper emphasized that "spending on the sector in the UAE is the most prominent factor in the health renaissance in the Emirates, as the state has expanded spending to allocate about AED 4.76 billion for health services and community prevention in the 2022 budget, representing 8.09% of the total budget."

In the same vein, Al Khaleej newspaper wrote: "The study referred to the UAE’s major efforts to make concentrated use of artificial intelligence technologies in the health field, within a plan aimed at integrating artificial intelligence 100% in medical services, in line with the UAE Centennial 2071."

The Nabd news site also pointed out that "the UAE has worked for years to develop its health sector in order to support its capabilities to confront various challenges, especially with the global repercussions resulting from the COVID-19 crisis."


Al Khaleej


Al Roeya

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