Launching New Publications:

InterRegional for Strategic Analysis launched many new publications during this year’s Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which it participated in for the first time in 2023. It released more then 20 new books, periodicals, research series, and in-depth analyses spanning various political, security, economic, technological, media, cultural, and social dimensions of strategic studies. InterRegional was based in the A46 wing of Hall 9 at the fair.

During the 2023 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, InterRegional launched the first issue of "The State of the World," a quarterly publication analyzing strategic trends and emerging phenomena in various regions of the world, and which includes contributions in various fields of study from experts and academics in the Middle East and beyond.

It also published its second annual forecast, entitled "Regions 2023," a report which focuses on the most important trends and factors that could shape the trajectory of various regions of the world during the coming year. The report includes contributions from around 25 scholars and experts from the Middle East as well as 20 international experts from about 15 different countries.

The forecast’s ten sections shed light on projected conditions in various regions around the world and draw attention to about 80 specific trends and phenomena to be monitored during 2023. The material in the report is very concise and to the point, and juxtaposes incisive text and infographics alongside other graphs and charts illustrating this information in order to provide a full picture of the state of various regions of the world in 2023.

InterRegional also launched the first three issues of the new "InterRegional Studies" series, a monthly publication focused on single-study research. This series covers the most important shifts and emerging strategic issues at the regional and international level across political, economic, security, military, technological, social, and other spheres, and their repercussions for key regions around the world.

The first issue in this series was entitled "Hostile Diplomacy: Diplomatic Shifts in the Contemporary International Arena," and examined the map of new actors in international diplomacy, new issues at stake, and challenges facing diplomatic efforts in light of complex global conditions. The second issue, entitled "Intersecting Conflicts: Consequences of Interconnected Regional and Global Disputes," examined the repercussions of the interconnectedness of global and regional conflict zones and hot spots with regard to various actors, approaches, and strategies.

The third issue in this series, "Shadow Economics: Understanding the Financial Architecture of Armed Nonstate Actors," examines the phenomenon of shadow economies that are linked to funding armed groups in key conflict zones around the world.

InterRegional also launched many other new books and publications at the fair, including the book An Enigmatic Continent: Understanding Latin America, as well as three issues in the "New World"series: "A New World: How Have Foreign Books Addressed the Changes Expected in 2023?", "Permacrisis: Why are Chronic Global Economic Challenges Getting Worse?" and "Eight Billion: How Demographic Shifts Will Shape Our Global Future."

The first issue of the "Lighthouse" series was also released ("Ideas in Conflict: How Current Political and Economic Shifts are Generating New Conceptual Frameworks"), as well as six new issues in the "Strategic Insights" series: "The Wrath of Climate Change: Upcoming Environmental Threats and Global Security," "Washington’s Fault Lines: Signs of Crisis in US Institutions," "AI Revolution: The Post-Artificial Intelligence World," "Wars To Come: Projected Shifts in Weapons Systems," "Mining Politics: Escalating International Conflict over Rare Metals," and "Strategic Independence: The Future of Europe’s New Foreign Policy."

At the book fair, InterRegional also launched its new series "Issues in Statistics," with two noteworthy issues: "Charting Change: The Strategic Importance of Russia’s Annexation of Regions of Ukraine" and "Military Equilibrium: 2023 Trends in Global Armament."