New World:

InterRegional for Strategic Analysis has launched the first issue of its new publication, NEW WORLD, an intermittent series of specialized reports dealing with the key trends shaping the features of the new world in the security, political, economic, and technology fields, and their effects on the main regions of the world.

The first issue, entitled, "A New World: How Have Foreign Books Addressed the Changes Expected in 2023?" concerns the most important issues foreign books are addressing this year. These books provide key approaches to interpreting the dynamics and shifts taking place in the global order. A quick review of books published in 2022, and those planned for publication this year, reveals interest in several issues, first and foremost, the Ukraine conflict, which appears to be leading to radical changes in the existing international order. The issue of leadership remains an important interpretative approach for the events that are occurring and the nature of international dynamics. This variable is also cited in discussions on the leadership of the international order and the intense competition between China and the US.

While traditional threats garner clear interest in the literature, unconventional threats are also highlighted in these books, especially with the growing risks of natural disasters and pandemics. The issue of technology also has a significant place in the books published. Despite their emphasis on the importance of technology in supporting human capabilities and dealing with uncertainty, these books also make clear that reliance on technology gives rise to many ethical, social, and security challenges.

As part of its mission to spread knowledge and enrich the content published in the Arabic language, Interregional is making the new series available free to download for Arabic readers worldwide.