Training Young Professionals:

InterRegional for Strategic Analysis held the closing ceremony for the first round of its Career Development Program for Emirati Universities at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi. The three-month program aimed to provide students with practical experience, sharpen their academic skills, and supply them with the knowledge and expertise needed to make them competitive in the labor market in the UAE and abroad.

The program is one aspect of the societal role of InterRegional, which believes in the role of specialized research centers to prepare Emirati youth to face the challenges of everyday life and keep pace with the continuous changes accompanying rapid domestic and global developments.

The event was widely reported in Emirati newspapers and news sites. Al-Bayan newspaper wrote: "Dr. Mohamed Abdelsalam, the CEO of InterRegional, said that, since day one of its founding, the center has been concerned with developing and training national professionals in the UAE through partnerships with universities and public and private institutions, using its expertise (which includes a think tank and training institutes), developing advanced capabilities, and teaching languages. Dr. Abdelsalam stressed that the program will continue its activities in other forms during the next stage and will offer qualification and advanced training services for professionals working in various governmental and private institutions, according to programs specially designed for the benefit of partner agencies."

Meanwhile, Al Watan newspaper reported that, during the program, the participants gained "experience working in centers gathering and analyzing data and preparing reports, studies, assessments, and future scenarios, and they interacted with experts from various countries and many prominent figures. The participants submitted a graduation project through which they obtained graduation certificates from the center."

In the same vein, Al Khaleej newspaper reported that the graduates who participated in the program stressed the "excellence of the training and qualification activities they received. Zahra Darwish Al-Suwaidi praised the program’s lecturers and their affiliation with various academic and professional institutions, in addition to the benefit of virtual field trips to institutions working in diplomacy, think tanks, and decision-making support. Amal Al-Sayegh, a program graduate, echoed this and pointed to the important role of lecturers in advancing students’ knowledge and abilities, as well as the importance of various training activities."